Broaddus ISD was audited today, September 23, 2022 around 11:00 a.m.. This audit was unannounced and tested intruder detection within our campus. This audit was part of a legislative order issued by Governor Abbott to the Texas School Safety Center with TEA, giving the authority to conduct in-person, unannounced, random intruder detection audits on school districts. The inspector went unannounced to the Elementary campus and tried to penetrate buildings without entry access or being stopped. The inspector failed because all doors were locked, and he was quickly spotted by an employee, Mr. Kilmer, who directed him to show identification and to go to the front office. The inspector was then walked around by the campus principal, Superintendent, and BISD Chief of Police then; we outlined our safety procedures and protocol. Broaddus ISD has no findings at this time. I want to thank Mr. Kilmer for always looking after our students, as well as all of our staff, and Officer Travis and Mrs. Grant for ensuring that BISD safety procedures and protocols are implemented.