Welcome Back-to-School 2021-2022


It is my pleasure to welcome students and families back to school. The summer has been filled with many projects and initiatives for the upcoming school year. Please carefully read the following information for both new and returning parents and families, including school supplies list, contact information, and much more!


No school supplies are needed. DETCOG selected our school district to receive boxes of backpacks, notebook paper, and other school supplies. The BISD School Board voted unanimously to purchase all other school supplies that the students will need. If you would like to buy a different backpack for your child, that will be up to you, but one will be provided. Each child will receive their backpack at Meet the Teacher Night or on the first day of school.


Meet the Teacher will be on August 9th from 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. This will be an opportunity for everyone to meet one another and pick up or drop off anything for the first day of school. 


Broaddus ISD is committed to its communication efforts with students, staff, families, and community members by using a variety of communication tools, including:

• Telephone-936.872.3041

• Website-www.broaddusisd.com

• Facebook-www.facebook.com/BroaddusISD 

• Broaddus Phone App for iPhone or Android

We encourage you to use one or all communication tools to learn more about BISD news, updates, events, stories, videos, pictures, highlights, and more.


You will receive a paper packet- you can pick the enrollment packets at each campus. This will be available on July 27, 2021. All forms must be completed before the student can attend. Please fill out ALL forms and put updated information on each form. 


Before you send your student back to school, did you… 

• Fill your students lunch account or pack a healthy lunch 

• Complete the required forms 

• Double-check bus number/location 

• Know classroom/teacher assignments

• Let the school know how your student will be getting to and from school

• Complete sports physicals and paperwork, if appropriate


Parent Portal is a link for parents to check on a student's attendance and grades.  Access to the parent portal can be found on the school website under the Parents dropdown menu.  Usernames and passwords can be obtained by contacting your child’s school office.  Once an account has been created it will follow the student from year to year.  You will receive updated alerts through this system.  We encourage you to set up an account.


Student handbooks serve as a valuable resource for students and parents alike. Students and parents are encouraged to become familiar with the policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. If you have a specific concern that is not adequately or clearly addressed within these documents, you are encouraged to contact your child’s principal, counselor, or teacher.


The goal of each school nurse is to ensure every student has a healthy and productive lifestyle during their time in school. We strive to keep each student healthy and in the classroom so they can hear and learn what the teacher is teaching. If your child has any underlying health conditions or illness, it is imperative that you notify the school nurse before attending school.


School operating hours are from 7:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Do not drop off any students before 7:30. If your child is a car rider, we ask that you do not line up until 3:10 p.m. to pick up your student due to the limit of space. Transportation is provided for all students. Make sure that you have made arrangements with your child’s campus if your child is a bus rider.  If your child is riding a bus to or from school, please note that transportation could run early or behind. It is important to remember that the student could be picked up or dropped off 15 minutes before or after the normal bus schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. We ask if you need to change the transportation method for your child, please do so before 2:30 so that we can make arrangements. Bus riding is a privilege and can be taken away from the student. If you have questions after school hours, the district has someone on staff until 4:30 at the Elementary; that number is 936.872.3315 ext.300.


Our Food Service Director’s vision is to ensure that our students are provided a healthy, well-balanced breakfast and lunch while also having the choice of Offer vs. Serve. The cafeteria staff strives to promote a safe and healthy environment for our students and maintain the state guidelines for a well-balanced, nutritional diet. It has been proven, students are able to learn better when they are well-nourished. 

Last year, the school district was able to qualify and absorb the cost for every student to have free breakfast and lunch. We will be able to continue these services for this school year as well. All breakfasts and lunches will be FREE.


The 2021-2022 school year calendar can be located on our website at www.broaddusisd.com 

and you can receive a hard copy at each campus. Here is a list of student holidays:

Aug. 11, 2021      First Day of School

Sept. 6, 2021       School Holiday

Sept. 27, 2021     Staff Development

Oct. 11, 2021       School Holiday

Oct. 29, 2021       Early Release/Fall Carnival

Nov. 19, 2021   Early Release

Nov. 22-26, 2021 Thanksgiving Holidays

Dec. 17, 2021       Early Release

Dec. 20-31            Christmas Holidays

Jan. 3, 2022         Staff Development

Jan. 17, 2022       Staff Development

Feb. 14-18, 2022  Winter Break

Mar. 11, 2022       School Holiday

Apr. 11-15 2022   Spring Break

May 19, 2022     Kdgn Graduation

May 19, 2022        5th Grade Graduation

May 20. 2022        Early Release/Last Day

May 20, 2022     High School Graduation

*Early Release Time is 12:30 P.M.