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BROADDUS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT  P.O. Box 58.215 Buchanan. Broaddus, Texas 75929. Phone: 936.872.3041 - Fax: 936.872.3699 October 8, 2020  Suspending Remote Learning  Broaddus ISD has been offering two types of learning environments: Traditional and Remote Setting, While remote instruction can represent a viable instructional model that supports student learning at home it also has its challenges.  For many students at Broaddus ISD remote learning is not being successful. While teachers work diligently to provide instructional materials and ongoing support, many students are not meeting the requirements by the Texas Education Agency on attendance requirements, students engaged in instruction, and complete assignments.  After reviewing the data from attendance requirements, students engaged in instruction, and complete assignments, a large majority of remote learners are being unsuccessful. In the best interest of our students, Broaddus iSD will no longer provide remote learning options for every student  You are receiving this letter as a notification that your student's remote learning will be suspended on October 18th. On October 19th, BISD will be 100% face-to-face. There will be a 1-week window for students who wish to transition back to face-to-face instruction starting October 13th-16th.  The district is not mandating that you send your child to school. As a parent or guardian of a child in the State of Texas, you continue to have the following educational options:  Return your student to traditional setting on campus  Request transfer status to another school district  • Enroll your student in a private school  • Withdraw your student to home school  If your child returns to a traditional setting and tests positive for COVID-19 or the school has to close, the district will offer a remote setting for your students during the duration of the illness or until the school reopens.  Broaddus ISD's purpose is to empower all students to reach their utmost potential to achieve excellence in education and the workforce. If you have any questions about our safety protocol, please contact the school office or visit our website at www.broaddusisd.com Thank you for your cooperation and understanding because this decision is in the best interest of our students.  Sincerely,  Lucas Holloway Superintendent of Broaddus Independent School  “A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE"