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BROADDUS INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT  P.O. Box 58.215 Buchanan. Broaddus, Texas 75929. Phone: 936.872.3041 · Fax: 936.872.3699  February 10, 2020  To Broaddus Independent School District and the Community  It is a sad time for Broaddus Independent School District. Mr. Tim Stanley passed away. He was an incredible and inspirational teacher that has impacted the students and the community at Broaddus for 9 years. His commitment to his students and his passion for teaching has touched us all and will go with us.  We have contacted the local churches and will have counseling services available to students throughout the day to provide emotional support. If you have any questions or would like someone to talk with your student, please contact the school at 936.872.3041.  Our deepest sympathies go to Stanley's family, please keep them in your prayers.  Sincerely,  Iman Eolloway  Lucas Holloway Broaddus ISD Superintendent  "A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE"