Broaddus Drama Club Wraps Up 6 Hallmark Christmas Movies With One Hilarious Ribbon!
Broaddus Drama Club Wraps Up 6 Hallmark Christmas Movies With One Hilarious Ribbon!
Misty Mitchell
Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Who doesn't love a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie?  It doesn't matter that the story lines are cheesy and predictable.  All the snow, hot cocoa and sleigh riding cancels out the fact that the scripts are written with romance novel formulas and totally unrealistic elements.  We shouldn't be ashamed we love them, right?  Hallmark Channel Christmas Wonderthon, a play written by Don Zolidis, does a good job of poking fun at the cliche' nature of Hallmark Christmas movies by combining the story lines of 6 romantic Hallmark Christmas movies into a fast-paced, zany but lovable stage performance.  The Broaddus Drama Club delivered big with their production of  Zolidis' work.  The cast had great comedic timing and threw out zinger after zinger to make the audience laugh out loud at the antics of the 6 stereotypical Hallmark  Channel Christmas couples, an evil business mogul, the token sassy best friend, obsessed fan girls, lovable dogs (yes dogs), expected returning boyfriend and two hysterical and sometimes scary narrators.   Perhaps the best part of the show, however, was the fact that even though the script poked fun at mushy Hallmark Christmas movies, the cast delivered their lines in a way that keep the endearing spirit of the movies themselves.  The performance came off without a hitch surely thanks to a great crew working behind the actors and director, Heather Knopp.    If you missed this rollicking performance, you indeed missed something special.

CAST & CREW  Director - Heather Knopp Narrator 1 - Dani Crawford Narrator 2/Kris - Tucker Taylor Holly - Abigail Wooden Brett - David Bordelon Noelle/Fangirl - Leah Simmons Sven - Risten Cook Rita - Geneka Lacy Paul - Chris Lopez Joy - Devander Colemen Blake - Paxton Hranicky Merry - Kellie Griffin Jackson - Hudson Williams Carol - Courtney Hill Laertes - Drake Fazzio Bridgette - Darby Dominey Prancer/Jimmy/TSA Agent - Stetson Balew Vixen - Brent Sowell Fangirl - Skyla Perdue Braoddus Drama Club would like to thank the following for help with their production: Broaddus Administration Sandy L:ewis Don Wilson Gary Mitchell The Culinary Arts Department Families of Broaddus Drama Club members